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Who are we ?

The PROSIPAL organization

Registered association in Chateauroux on 1991.06.14 under the number 3751
Headquarters : 42 rue Haute, 36500 Palluau sur Indre
Président : Madame Catherine Perreau-Sigogne
Treasurer: Madame Annick Couzon - Secretary : Monsieur Michel Boiteux

Subject: - The protection, promotion and safeguard of Palluau, its historical, architectural, its picturesque, its rural environment.
               - The promotion of tourism, and all appropriate actions to its development.
               - The protection and improvement of quality of life

Documents of interest financed and sold by the association :
Booklet on the statues of saints of the church and the priory booklet on St. Lawrence. All orders will be honored - at a price of 17 euros for two books - shipping included - Send your order with a check Madame Catherine PERREAU-SIGOGNE  - 42 rue Haute - 36 500 - PALLUAU SUR INDRE
Livret sur les statues de saints de l'égliseLivret sur le prieuré St Laurent
Small house of the eighteenth century, saved from demolition, bought and restored by the association.