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The village of Palluau-sur-Indre

PALLUAU in Berry in central France in the Indre department stands on a plateau overlooking the steep valley of the Indre River (on the national road 143 between Châteauroux and Loches).

The basement of the limestone promontory cache limestone quarries which were extracted stones to build the village, castle and church..




The traveler who follows the road to Chateauroux in Loches can see off to the right the historic Palluau-sur-lndre. The valley we saw carved sloping the indolent course of the river is suddenly dominated by a steep shelf slope is covered with terraced roofs of a village elder. Above this mosaic of limestone, slate and tile, stands the imposing silhouette of the castle.


Accès routier au village


The main historical sights of the village are le château du XVème siècle, l'église Sainte Menehould et le prieuré Saint-Laurent


















This site, which offers the advantage of a perfect strategic location, the richness of a forest plateau and a limestone subsoil and controls a fertile valley, irrigated naturally, has been occupied since ancient times.

Archaeological excavations, since the last century, allowed to update a rich material: prehistoric, Bronze Age and Iron, Gallo-Roman period, all the civilizations that have succeeded here have left their mark.

Nearby touristic sites

Castel of l'Isle SAVARY (4km) - castle of the fifteenth century, the castel of Argy (4 km) - Beautiful donjon of the fifteenth century

The BRENNE «Pays des Mille Etangs» - Naturel Regiona natural park - bird sanctuary - where the castel of BOUCHET (at 20 km), fortress of XIth and XV century rebuilt under Louis XIV - overlooks the Etang de la Mer Rouge (180 hectares of water)

The castel of AZAY LE FERRON (at 18 km), magnifical renaissance house - the castel of LOCHES- (at 30 km)

The valley of the CREUSE river (with GARGILESSE) and of the BOUZANNE river

The residence of Georges Sand at NOHANT, where Chopin and Liszt lived also (at 50 km)

The castel of VALENCAY (at 50 kms)

Palluau is also an open gate

on the beautyfull Gallo-romain museam of ARGENTOMAGUS ( at 30 km)

near the Château de la Loire on the road of the " Dames de TOURAINE":

Catherine de MEDICIS at AMBOISE - Agnés SOREL at LOCHES - François 1er at CHAMBORD - BLOIS - CHAUMONT etc...

 in the footsteps of RABELAIS - the creator of PANTAGRUEL, GARGANTUA came to make merry at PALLUAU - SAINT GENOU